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Yahoo Answers is going to shut down on 4th May.



According to the latest report, Yahoo's best service Yahoo Answer is going to be shut down. Yes, Yahoo Answer is going to shut down on 4th May.

Yahoo Answer was launched by Yahoo on June 28, 2005, about 16 years ago from now, Yahoo Answer is Yahoo's best service where users can find answers to any question. Now according to the latest news users will not be able to upload new content on Yahoo Answer from 20 April, after 20 April the Yahoo Answer website will be in read-only mode, and on 4 May Yahoo Answer website will be offline for forever, although Yahoo Answers will not be affected by Yahoo's other services.

Yahoo Answer has also set a deadline date for user data download, users can download their data images, question answers before June 30, after June 30, Yahoo will delete all data of Yahoo Answer.

At one time Yahoo Answer was very popular on the internet, and now a lot of services like Yahoo Answer have come into the internet market, websites like Reddit, Quora, and Wikipedia, these are more popular on the internet market, due to which the popularity of Yahoo Answer decreased, finally Yahoo Decided to shut down Yahoo Answer service on 4 May, although it will not affect Yahoo's other services.

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