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How to install Telegram on Linux Operating System


Hello friends, Today I am going to show you, how to install the most popular messing application Telegram on Linux operating system, I have used Ubuntu operating system for it, but it will work on any other Linux operating system, like Kali Linux, Parrot, and more. To know the process, watch the complete video.

### Process
1st step- Download the Telegram from the official website for Linux operating 
2nd step- Move the Download file into Desktop. 
3rd step- Extract the file 
Open the terminal and go to Desktop Directory.
    $cd Desktop

List all files
For extract, the file type the following command and press enter, it will extract in the Desktop
     $ sudo tar -xvf  the file name

4th step- Close the terminal and open the telegram folder from the Desktop then open the Telegram file. That's all. Enjoy


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