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There lioness is feeding on the leopard's cubs. VIDEO: Lioness love is see a wonderful view of the Gir forest of Gujarat.



![]( Ten days earlier, three lions were killed near Amreli near the Jungle near the train and died. In Junagadh: Lion, tiger, leopard etc. among the largest species of cat is known to host animosity. But, 'Mother's motherhood' is such a feeling beyond which all expressions prove to be dwarves. Indeed, such a wonderful sight has come out in Gujarat's Gir forests. Here a lioness is feeding his mother on a leopard's cubs. It is being told that this lioness is keeping this young man from the past one week. According to the information received, these cubs of leopard separated for some reasons from their family. In this "Gir", the forest doctor, West Doctor Dhiraj Mittal has told that the name of this leopard's name is Mowgli. The name of the lioness is a keeper protecting the cubs. He told that my staff is constantly monitoring these two. The lioness is keeping the leopard cubs as like their children. Giving information, he said that two lions of lioness also live with the leopard cubs throughout the day. The leopard's cubs play with the lionesses and lionesses also behave like all the cubs. ![]( He said that lions and leopards are generally considered to be enemies of each other, but lioness is a big event to cure a leopard's cubs. This animal in front of mother’s love is behaving in the opposite of her behavior. Please tell that the famous Gir Sanctuary for Asiatic lions all over the country is due to discussions due to the deaths of lions these days. In the last few months, the death of lion lionesses here has drawn concerns of concern on everyone's forehead. Ten days earlier, three lions were killed near Amreli near the Jungle near the train and died. After this, steps are being taken in this direction. pics-source:
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