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PR: Pairs up with eGifter to Simplify and Streamline Gift Card Purchases



This bitcoin cash (BCH) has become more useful with the launch of partnership between ' and EGIFER' in the coming weeks, directly from Wallets. This eGifter and have announced a partnership that they will allow cryptocurrency users to purchase gift cards with bitcoin cache. It will be able to purchase eGifter cards directly from the Store on the launch. It is a gift card marketplace offering 300 plus top branded eGifter cards to US and global brands. ![]( It’s all with security and freedom of cryptocurrency. These options include premium food, entertainment and retail brands, these uninterrupted user experiences will provide many new options for users to spend their BCH, buy eGifter cards for themselves or offer them in the form of gifts. This partnership is between eGifter and, existing BCH users will be allowed to use cryptocurrency in a new way. About this They are committed to make BCH available to all the people, whatever their age, gender, nationality or financial status is. This team is the heart and soul of the Bitcoin Cash Industry. This suite of Developer Tools has been downloaded 36,000 plus times from more than 100 countries. This '' has been supercharged to replace the world with BCH. About eGifter: This is to learn more about eGifter and their social, mobile and gifting platforms, while retailers and their service providers have helped in helping their gift-giving businesses. This EZIFTING Company ™ has revolutionized the gift with the social and mobile gifting platform designed to create a fun experience for consumers, visit or download the EGIFF mobile app available for iOS and Android. [source](
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