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Bitcoin SV (BSV) enters top 10 crypto markets on Coinmarketcap on # 7 coins



Its amazing thing is that it has market capitalization compared to light coin, which was taken at 9th position. This Bitcoin SV (BSV) is now the 8th largest currency with market capitalization of $ 1.81 billion. It seems that the top 10 has a new virtual currency that displays the Coinmarketcap. ![]( This revival wrote a post in Reddit, in which he says that he is not able to understand how the market is working. This Reddit user is according to Rewoomantle, this situation is 'funny'. This is an amazing phenomenon because there are three different bitcoin versions in the top 10 bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV. Apart from this, Monroe is considered one of the best privacy coins in the crypto market. This revival tells that Monroe is an important project in the market and it is funded by the community. This bitcoin was capable of crossing various high-quality projects in the SV market such as Monroe (XMR). Regarding this, he wrote: In fact, after the bulletproof, Bitcoin can scale with a fraction of the transaction fee. Most people have entered the best privacy coin there. This Monero is a top quality project without any premises, funded by the community, He is giving his opinion about what will happen in future with Bitcoin SV. The Reddit user received many comments from the people who were critical of the current situation of the market, starting with these threats. After that he mentioned that it was 'kicked out' from the top 10 with centralized mining, and no adoption was taken by cryptocurrency. This is the reason that Bitcoin SV supporter Craig Wright announced that Bitcoin ABC replay can implement security and allows both networks to compete in the market. This bitcoin was born as a fork of SV bitcoin cash network. However, Bitcoin SV Bitcoin could not keep the Hash war against ABC. It was back on 15 November the Bitcoin Cash experienced a network upgrade, in which Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV were fighting to be the only BCH network. Most of its cryptocurrencies are operating negatively in the last 24 hours. This coin has exceeded 21% in the last 24 hours. At present, each of these BSV coins can be bought for $ 103 USD. ![]( [source](
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