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My Birthday- Lessons Learned in 34-Years



![cheers-839865_1920.jpg]( Yesterday was my 34th birthday. I had a great time celebrating with my family. I spent quality time with my wife and infant son, and clelebrated my first birthday as a father. As a professional, I have learned much over my career. I graduated college in 2009 during the great recession and spent time working for the government. Our project received federal funding, and as I left the economy began to recover in 2012. I now have 10-years of professional experience and am learning how to be a great employee. I was a manager at 30-years old, but decided to return to an individual contributor role. As I have grown, I know myself more including my strengths and weaknesses. As a new father, husband and home owner, I am learning much. I am in the next, and very fulfilling part of my life and am loving it. Responsibility is a good thing, as it hones a man. I am excited for the future and cannot wait to teach my son how to be a man. I am glad to be where I am in life, and thank God for what I have. I look forward to the year ahead! Originally published in the Serey account I own at: Also published in my Golos, Weku, Bearshares and Whaleshares accounts I own.
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