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2019 Serey Goal- Build Community and Lessons Learned from 2018



I have been a ![social-media-1989152_1920.jpg]( and Whaleshares community member for the better part or a year and have learned much about the mechanics of these ecosystems. Focusing solely on reward when posting content on Steemit or any other paid blogging site will wear you out and will not work. The purpose of these sites is to add value to the underlying blockchain and create a vibrant community. Focusing solely on your rewards may create friction between yourself and community members. Below are lessons I have learned and pointers to succeed on Steemit, Whaleshares and any other paid blogging sites in 2019: Give more than you take from the community. Comment, curate and build on content. Reach out to members with similar and different interests. You can learn and teach each other new skills. Help others with questions we are experts about. If you know how to fix or build something from experience, share it. Publish daily quality content. There is no substitute for consistent, quality content. Good luck in 2019! Go forth and build content, community and have fun!
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