Serey is utilizing Blockchain technology

Telling Sereyian family about my bad experiences with investing in mining and lending platform


vannaksaom Dear Sereyian family, Good day to you all, My name is VANNAK, nice to have all of you guys as my Serey family, Firstly, I would like to recall my background with crypto currency to you a bit, i was getting to know crypto currency since the end of 2017. And at first crypto currency I knew is Bitcoin through Sabay news and at that time Sabay was always posting news about Bitcoin frequently, later on I started to be interested in price of Bitcoin was increasing dramatically, I started to study about bitcoin more and more, as far as the price of Bitcoin went up to 20k, then I started to invest in Bitcoin with 3 platforms: 1, Bitclubnetwork mining pool 1, i met 1 guy in FB, at first I was told by a promoter that once I invest in pool 1 worth 625$, then after due date 1000 days I will make 2-3 Bitcoin in total profit, it sound interesting, then I started to invest in it, and so far it has been 3.5months already, but the mining power seem very different from what I was expected, the mining power seem too slow, so far I just received 0.00503 = 18$ only with 50% reinvest, I think the system really got error mean that the more I reinvest, then the less Bitcoin I received, I guess maybe the company not making profit due to the drop of Bitcoin price and other bad news in Korea and China. that's why once the price of btc not go up, then they will lost money to electric power, as the mining machine really pretty consume much power, Pls be reconsidered if you about to invest in mining platform like me. 2, Bitconnect, 3 months ago, I was introduced by a Fri who was investing in Lending platform is Bitconnect, as it is a pozi scheme, sure it really make money for the upline at the beginning, and the latest downline like me was suffered a lot, and it really make me sad, it has gone, because the company was exit scam since 2 months already, I lost around 440$ in Bitconnet. But I didn't put blame on the company, because it is my wrong decision to invest in unknown founder platform, like 1 essay said that too real to be fake, to big to be scam. 3, Davor, is my third investment, It made me sad again, since I invested in it up to $1.1k, finally it end up scam same as bitconnect again, I lost around 800$ again. This all 3 investments really open my eyes bigger and bigger to see crypto world, frankly I didn't feel regret with my investments, but what I regret the most is that i didn't conduct a study on it and investing without knowing the founder was behind. So through this experiences, let's me encourage Sereyian to invest in Serey, coz Serey founder really have their own real vision and passion to develop the media. For Serey, we don't afraid it will be scam, coz we know all Serey founder and its product, is really awesome with a better structure and content than any other social media. Let's put trust and more effort to build up Serey community together, Cambodia social media make us proud!!!!!
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