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Surely we are familiar with natural conditions such as night, morning and evening. Like in Indonesian, we know a number of words that refer to certain times which are part of the day, night, night, morning and afternoon. People's perceptions vary with the meaning of the word, well ... depends on the person who describes it. In this case I will try to explain a little explanation as we mentioned earlier. Here's the explanation; **A. Night** ![IMG_20181221_111217 (1).jpg]( Linguists define that, Night is the time after sunset until sunrise. Night can also be defined as a period or when a place is in a position that is not facing the sun, and therefore darkens. When the planetary hemisphere is experiencing night time today, the other hemisphere will experience time during the day. Nighttime is sometimes defined as the time between the sinking of the sun on the horizon (west horizon) until the appearance of the sun in the eastern horizon the next day or often we hear when resting after doing activities during the daytime. **B. Morning** ![IMG_20181221_111309 (1).jpg]( In a large dictionary Indonesian means that, morning means the time before sunrise or when the day starts. Or in other words, morning is the last part of the night and the beginning of the afternoon. So often people start the day with good morning greetings. This is not wrong, because the beginning of time is counted when it starts moving in the morning. So often we hear sayings from people saying "good morning and happy to start a new activity. **C. Day Time** ![IMG_20181221_111254 (1).jpg]( Then we turn to the time of day as we all understand that, afternoon is the time when the clock is at the 12:00 position. Afternoon in the use of daily activities or time that is between 11:00 to 14:00. So that in the application of the meaning of the word day itself when the sun has reached the top of the head, just when the shadow is parallel to the object contained in this nature. ![IMG_20181204_185921.jpg]( So if it is right at midday it is when the sun transits through the meridian of the sky, about that time the highest point above the horizon that day. This is also the origin of the term ante meridiem and post meridiemi. The sun is right above the head during the sun at the equator during the equinox. That is an explanation by some experts even though there are several different versions in this regard, but the meaning is the same. Well ... That's some explanation about morning, afternoon and night. The essence of all that we understand is because we often experience those times. Thank you.
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