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The dominance of any currency in the world is not permanent.


Is there any currency in the world that lasts forever? Like I mean, will the US dollar or the euro currencies of the European Union last forever? I don't think currencies last forever. That's my belief. I don't know if you will agree with me. But in my opinion, the dollar will not last forever. The dollar will fall in no time. Then the new Clarence will emerge against the dollar. It can be online or just on paper notes.

The dollar now dominates the euro in the world. Especially in dollars. But that domination may not last forever. I have no idea.Because if we look at history, we will understand that in all the countries in the world that had the sole dominance, the currency that was in circulation was the top domination.

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The Greek currency during the ancient Greek Empire, their currency during the Mongol Empire, the Ottoman currency during the Ottoman Sultanate, the British currency during the British Empire dominated. But that is not the case now. Has changed. In the future, the dollar may not dominate the world. No new currency system will come. 

But gold is a medium of exchange that has existed in the past and will continue to exist in the future.

This is only my opinion....  



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