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Education is the back bone of nation....


What does education mean to the nation's backbone? You know In fact, we humans need a spine if we want to stand up straight. Through this we can stand in the right way, we can move. If we didn't have a spine, we wouldn't be able to stand properly and we would fall. I could not walk properly. In order to run such a country properly, it must spread education among the nation. Education will bring proper dignity to a nation. Here education is compared to the backbone of a nation. That is why every country is putting the most importance on their education system. Many countries are spending the most on education. The main reason for this is that the only recourse for their development is to make this educated nation. If we look at the countries of the world today, we will see that the developed countries have higher education rat. And compared to that, the rate of education in underdeveloped and developing countries is very low. Then you understand that there is no alternative to education to make the country developed and prosperous.

The picture you can see is of the main gate of a school in Bangladesh. Here in Bengali it is said that come for education and go out for service. That means you come to school and get educated and go to serve the country and the people after getting educated.Bangladesh is a developing country, where the rate of education is a little behind other countries. That is why the Bangladesh government has taken various steps to increase the rate of education for decades. It has taken many steps including free education, adult education, free book distribution, so that people can easily go to school and get educated. Because the country will develop through this education.



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