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Deforestation must be prevented, adequate amount of trees must be planted.


We must memorized that, in this world human beings depended much on trees. But it is matter of great sorrow that people are cutting down trees on large scale. Trees supply us with food, oxygen, wood, furniture, leave oxygen and take Carbon dioxide, which is injurious for all animals. So i say that our life on earth largely depended upon trees.   

We should plant ten trees in contrast to one tree and take proper care of the tree. Because if you plant a tree when you are young, that work will grow and provide shade, wood, food, oxygen, soil quality, and environmental balance to you and everyone around you.

We leave carbon dioxide and take in exchange oxygen. Using this oxygen our body creates energy through perspiration. The plant releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide. Then you can understand how great is the blessing of Allah for all living beings including us. Our government should organize tree planting programs every year and create social forestry. It will save our country from many dangers including disasters. There are many forests in the world in the face of destruction. They are constantly being destroyed by deforestation. But it is a matter of great sorrow. We need to stop deforestation and plant trees regularly. 

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