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Today has been one of the happiest moments of my life and I think it's the greatest achievement of my life.I have been under a lot of stress for the last few days and have been very busy and have not been able to sleep properly.I will try to tell my story now, I hope my readers will think about me.I'm basically a dentist. This is the biggest thing in my professional acquaintance. Those who have known me before know this very well.Since I am involved in a profession of serving people, I am always serving people and trying my best.Almost all of you know that I have been living in the village for a long time and I have thought mentally to stay in the village because the secluded environment of the village attracts me very much.I have had some different experiences since I was in the village. The biggest thing is that the people in the village are far behind in medical services and they do not get the right treatment at the right time so I thought that it is true to give a medical center in the village.That is to say, I move 30 km away every day and do chambers, so I finally thought that I would do a chamber in the village.Ever since I came up with this idea, I have been trying to help the villagers in various ways and to tell my family about it, finally my chamber has been successfully inaugurated today as per my family's decision and I see patients in my village chamber three days a week and to tell the truth four days a week in the city chamber, I have divided the weekly time and tried to find time for the villagers can serve properly.Eventually my dad gave me time to come to my new chamber in the midst of his much busyness and inaugurated my new chamber I think it deserves a lot more for me as a child.

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