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The new life of a childhood friend began



Today has been a busy day, I have been at work all day and then I went to a party again and it has been a busy time.Since I practice in the village chambers three days a week and try to serve the people there, I have a responsibility to serve the people there.But in the midst of so many responsibilities, you have to keep an eye on your personal life because a friend is something that is a part of your personal life.Earlier this week when I was in the city chamber my childhood friend gave me his wedding card and he request me to go to his wedding. The day he handed me the card, I was shocked to get his card and I immediately tried to think about my past. How fast the real time has passed for a while, tears came to my eyes because a lot of time has passed from our lives.As time goes on, our distance increases. Day by day, we have become more like robots. Our relationships are no longer the same as before.Honestly, we actually forgot everything about our past lives when we got into work, and I remember my horrible past today as if we were.Anyway, after receiving the card that day, I told him that no matter how busy I am, I will go to your wedding at last that day today .When I went to him wedding today I was absolutely stunned because he invited all our childhood friends and I met all of them after a long time and there was a lot of festive atmosphere and I was very happy.Anyway after a long time all together had a much better time and much better meeting old friends and I pray to the creator to make my friend's new life better.

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