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spending busy time



I have been having a very busy time for some time now. I will try my best to share today. I hope my readers will like the topics.I believe there is a lot to learn in life and a lot to experience in every step of life so I am always happy to be humble and try to be patient.I have been doing chambers in urban areas for the last five years and trying to serve the people in urban areas and after chambers in urban areas for a long time I finally decided to do 4 days a week in city chambers and the remaining 3 days in rural areas because People in rural areas do not get the right service at the right time so I am trying to act according to my decision.Although things were very difficult for me because it was not easy at all to adapt to the rural environment and to serve the people in the chamber, but when I have been in the chamber for a few days now, I have received a fairly good response from the people close and they have accepted me well too.I believe there will be adversity but I have to overcome all adversity and since I am a doctor so I have no chance of losing I just understand victory and I am trying to move forward in that way I am constantly trying to serve people and I pray to you that I may be able to serve the people of my village better.

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