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reliving fatigue



I have been under a lot of stress since morning because today is the third day I have come to the city chamber to serve the people and the last two days of the day when I come to the city chamber I have to be very busy.I always try to do everything in my own way, to write stories in my own way, to create content in my own way and to present everything in my own way because I believe in my own being.However, a lot of time has passed and today I will try to write something about how I sometimes get rid of my fatigue in the space of work and how to get new energy to work again.Although each person removes fatigue from their own place in their own way, my point is a little different and I will try to share that with you.Since when we do action, it is seen that after working for a long time, our body gets very tired, especially our cells become dull and we feel very tired.The biggest problem is that there is a shortage of excess salt water so we get tired.If I always try to solve my problems on my own, sometimes I try a little extra to recover it.I will share with you what I have done today, I hope you will like it.I came to the chamber around 8 in the morning and saw the patient continuously till half past twelve. After seeing the patient for a long time, I am quite tired so I need to rest a little physically and mentally refresh so I told the assistant in my chamber something to arrange the fruits which can be made into juice and eaten.I already have a weakness for juice and fruit because whenever I feel tired at work, I try to make juice from fresh fruit and the amount of vitamins it contains to eat fresh fruit instantly rejuvenates my body leaving and re-energizing me tremendously to work.Since almost all types of fruits are available in the market at this time, I try to store fruits in the office and at home because I can easily make juice and eat fruits.Honestly, the importance of fruits and fruit juices to relieve my work fatigue and keep me physically fit is immense. This is how I basically eliminate my fatigue. However, I have tried to highlight my opinion. thank you .

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