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I see a lot of things when I go to the office every day and try to write about what I see



Today is the first working day of the week. However, yesterday was closed due to the weekend, but I woke up early this morning and am trying to go to work because today is the first working day of the week.I have tried to say in the past blog that I now have two workplaces I go to work in the city for the first four days of this week and stay in the village workplace for the next three days. Anyway, when I woke up in the morning, when I went out, I saw that it was foggy and it looked like there was a fire all around. It was foggy like smoke and the temperature was much lower than other days.Since I have a long way to go, I try to refresh myself and finally go to my workplace when I am walking to my destination because there are no cars on the road so early in the morning. Then I saw a kid playing with two goats on the side of the road and the biggest thing is that I see these scenes from time to time .I saw this scene a few days ago but I couldn't take pictures when I was actually inside the car but today when I was walking I tried to take pictures out of my mobile because I don't want to miss this opportunity.In fact, village children are accustomed from an early age to play very well with their pets.At the end of the day they spend their time with the pets in their house and they try to serve them as they please. I took this picture today, maybe if you look at the picture you will understand that a child from a small village was feeding leaves to a goat. However, I liked the subject and the goat was eating with great interest.Honestly, the people of the village have been caring for their livestock for a long time because it is a source of livelihood for them.

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