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What is joy?



Many times people ask, what is happiness? If you can feel something good about your life, if you feel that you are moving towards your destination at a very fast pace, you can feel joy or happiness. The realization of being able to reach that goal by creating purpose creates happiness. I noticed that after retirement, I would be dissatisfied if I set a goal and spent a lazy day without trying to complete it. Targets can be very small or insignificant, such as withdrawing money from a bank or writing a letter to someone. If you do not pay attention to small things, you may feel guilty while working in a special field, make your goal according to what you want to achieve in life, if you do not have a goal in your life, it will become a burden of sorrow.

The real joy lies in finding the purpose of life. A happy person can easily get rid of his sadness and misfortune. It is not that they never fail but the characteristic of these positive thinking people is that they never accept failure as sustainable. Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about ourselves. Once on a morning trip, I found out that the gate where I was going to get out had been locked by the guards. I got angry and told him to find the key within five minutes but I knew that if the key was not found I would order him to break the lock.

Many times we have to do extra work to fulfill our purpose, to make our dreams come true we have to do things that are not part of our daily routine. God has given some of us some skills. We need to show that skill through our own work. The most important thing to realize happiness is to do whatever you do with love. Never think of work pressure as peace. Your concentration is expressed through your work. Ask yourself what you would be happy to do. If you notice a little, you can ask yourself what kind of work can make you happy?

If you are not aware of what you want to do in life, there will always be a frustration in you. In that case you may ask yourself what you have come to do on earth. Many people do not want to know what they want. Their sorrows, pains, difficulties and doubts do not let them go first. There is no such thing as being successful in the first place. Success and failure are two sides of the same coin. We cannot taste success if we know what failure is.

We have to overcome all the mental barriers that prevent us from interfering in any new work. If you analyze yourself honestly, you can easily overcome your fears, doubts and frustrations. Try to figure out why you can't make your dream come true, are you afraid of being ridiculed by your colleagues? Are you worried that your comfortable present will be taken away from you or that you may have to move to a new place?

You may not want what your family or friends think of you. Once the exact cause is known, you can focus on the right thing by suppressing false fears. From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true success begins! With this inspiration you will be able to fulfill one dream and reach out to another dream. All business and commerce flourished through this motivation. This is the main path of development. According to Janaphal Wentbar, "Whether we create new crops or plant weeds depends entirely on our preferences."

What's holding you back?

Notice what is hindering your imaginary path to happiness, success and satisfaction in life. When faced with a test, try to deal with it with complete courage and positivity instead of panicking or panicking. Always remember that you can make your dream come true. Don't just think. Make a complete plan for what you want to do and make sure you start working. You cannot completely change the course of your judgment but you can certainly work on one judgment in one day. Find out the cause of the biggest depression in your life and start working on it now. It's a little hard to break your false beliefs. Never associate your happiness with any object, money or weight. It is good to be healthy, rich and abundant but at the same time never disrespect yourself no matter who you are.

Don't lose your composure until you find the cause of your depression. As soon as you start answering questions about your life, your life will start to change. Never think that you cannot be unhappy. Believe in yourself and never blame yourself for failure. Many associate their lives with the hopes of their mothers and friends and suffer themselves. This same thing happened to me. My parents wanted me to become a doctor or engineer. I don't like the idea of ​​tearing after college. Then two roads were open in front of me, either I give up this subject or I fail. Then I started studying Arts and got admitted in IPS and reached the Director of CBI. You need to find out why you are hiding behind fear, hesitation or doubt. Build a career of your choice to be successful. That way you can have fun.

Thanks everyone stay safe

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