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Eat right, think right and live right



Any receipts may be related to a decision, plan, relationship or work. First of all, you need to know what it is related to. Although there is a deep connection between our success and the brain. If we want to achieve success and balance in these different aspects of career, health, thoughts, relationships, we need to keep our brains calm and at ease.

We have to make sure that our brain always accepts positive judgments but before that I have to put these judgments in my head. This is possible with the company of inspiring people and reading good books, there is a very old saying, which applies to the rules of the computer, dirty will get dirty. The same thing happens with our positive thinking and success. If I fill my head with negative thoughts and unsuccessful judgments, then success will be a nightmare. We have to put success in front of us so that we will move towards that goal consciously and subconsciously and in doing so we will move towards our goal. God has given each person complete power so that he can judge according to his own abilities, qualifications and strengths. We can make a decision only after considering the matter. We can have a beautiful body only if we exercise our body muscles regularly. The more you exercise, the more beautiful your body becomes this same process applies to success. The more successful you are, the more success you will have. An exhausted person can never inspire another because he cannot believe in himself. I never thought of becoming a writer. I was once interviewing about business on TV. Then I thought if I could learn about this, would I be able to write? I wrote and it turned out to be very good. Then I came to believe that what I wrote was worth printing. Most of my writings were printed in state-level newspapers. Success was with me and so I didn’t have time to look back. In addition to the newspaper column, I have already written 20 books and all of them are very popular.

Just as you need to keep your brain fertile for success, you also need to keep it moving in the right direction. This will be possible only when you have the ability to make accurate diagnoses and decisions on a regular basis, along with the ability to change plans to get the best results. No matter what you do, you must adhere to every task that leads you to success or victory.

Always keep in mind that you are a worthy and good person. As a good person, try to keep in mind only the judgment that takes you to your destination.

Encourage your brain through good judgment every day to complete a task or to achieve your true attainment because it will motivate you. At the same time get rid of the failure indicator words or work thoughts from the brain. It is better to have only optimistic thoughts in your head because only through the motivation of positive judgment can you become a successful person. The judgments that increase your enthusiasm will lead you to the goal. My experience is that as much time as it takes to put negative thoughts in one's head, it takes the same amount of time to put positive thoughts in one's head, if we put negative thoughts in one's head.

We do not give place to iticachakata but our minds will always be full of bad ideas, so plan to think of something good. Everything we think of comes true in one form or another.

Successful people are in control of almost every single case. In this way they are tied to the path of success. At first they give way to negative thoughts in their minds, and then when they want to do something, the negativity does not allow them to move forward. These shots are the result of the thoughts that fill our minds. This kind of brain can never gain anything. Whatever you read, watch or listen to, be sure to try to evaluate it because it all sits in your brain. Life is too short. We cannot live long in this world. Why waste our precious time on nonsense? Why is it that whatever you hear, see or read is taking you away from your purpose? This is a very simple question, this question increases your ability to judge and you can easily discard useless items.

This is something I am very aware of and try to keep myself away from all these bad things, this is why I only read funny books, watch TV. I see, there are only those shots where there is no crying. It’s a good process to make yourself happy. In fact, I rarely watch TV. I try to see, because I can get a lot more time to complete my unfinished work. We have a deep relationship with how long we exercise, how much we eat and how much we sleep. Physical fitness affects our every action but a positive mindset prepares us to face any test or situation.

Thanks everyone stay safe

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