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Daily household tips



If you heat up after eating cooked food, there is a possibility of burning the lower part. However, if you put a pot with water on it in a pot with water, it will be hot and will not burn. When boiling noodles, mix a little oil in water and you will see that the noodles are crispy.

When ripe tomatoes are kept at home, they become soft. If you want to harden soft tomatoes, soak them in salt water for a while. You will see that the tomato has hardened.

  • If ghee is kept in the house for a long time, it becomes a little smelly. If you put a piece of molasses in a ghee container, you will see that the real smell of ghee will remain for a long time.

  • When frying onion, sprinkle a small amount of raw salt on it and it will turn brown soon.

  • When the yoghurt becomes too sour, pour the yoghurt on a thin cloth and hang it for 10-15 minutes. When the water drips, add milk or water to the yoghurt. There will be no sour taste.

  • You can use bread crumbs instead of baking powder in food. If you want to clean the excess oil or ghee used in cooking, keep heating it with a piece of potato.

  • To avoid ants attack, soak a piece of sponge in sugar water and leave it near the ant hole. sponge will gather all the ants. Now throw away the sponge with the ants. The problem will be solved.

  • If you don't have hot pepper at hand, you can use chili sauce or black pepper.

  • After cooking, oil can be seen sticking around the stove and sometimes on the side wall of the stove. And it is never well washed with plain water. Hot water is the best way in this case. Clean the walls and around the stove by mixing hot water with soap in a steel pan.

  • Getting the sauce out of the new bottle is not easy. Insert a st up to the bottom of the bottle. If you take out the straw, it will be easier to take out the sauce.

  • To remove rust from pressure cooker, rub with lemon peel and then boil in water. There will be no rust.

  • Wax burns longer when kept in the refrigerator. Clean and wash the necessary kitchen utensils especially stoves, pots, pans, knives, scissors after work. As a result, their durability will increase.

  • Some amount if you want to make kitchen pots or pans shiny Put tamarind or tomato in the respective container, fill it with water and boil it for a while Stay. Wash the pot and it will become shiny.

  • If you want to cook the meat quickly, cut the betel in the middle, you can also give raw papaya, even if you leave a small amount of fenugreek in the curry, you will see that the meat will be cooked very quickly.

  • If more gram is bought at once, there is a possibility of catching insects. Mix the ashes, do not catch insects. Just wash before cooking. It takes less time to cook rice and pulses by soaking them in water first.

  • Oil spills during cooking, in which case a small amount of salt with hot oil If you do, you will not spill oil.

  • When cooking cauliflower, add two teaspoons of milk. Cauliflower will remain white even after cooking.

  • Many times in cooking, turmeric falls more in the curry. Khusti used in cooking Bake in the oven and dip it in the curry for a while. The problem will be solved. Or burn it with some spinach leaves, the smell of turmeric will decrease.

  • The ink falls on the pot used for cooking. In this case, if you put soil or soapy water on the bottom of the pot and put it in the oven, the ink will fall less.

  • Wash the vegetables before cutting, the quality of the vegetables will remain intact.

  • Mixing a little baking soda in the milk and using it while making food does not cause the milk to burst.

  • Onion irritates the eyes and cuts water from the eyes. So put the onion in the fridge a few hours before cutting. Reduce the onion rind or cut and stick an onion on the head of the pot, you will see that it will not irritate the eyes.

  • If you want to store more potatoes, put it on the sand and it will not rot easily.

  • If you leave the flux for a few days after using it, it may cause bad smell. Put one teaspoon of sugar in the flax, the problem will be solved.

  • If you want to make fried potato crispy, wash it the night before, cut the wheel and keep it dry. Fry it the next day, you will see that it will take less oil and will save time and will be crispy.

  • If the egg is soaked in lime water, the egg stays good for a long time.

  • It takes more oil to fry eggplant. If you apply eggplant with turmeric and fry in hot oil, you will need very little oil.

  • If there is a risk of burning the milk, wash the pot with hot water before burning.

  • If you want to make a crispy omelette, mix a little besan with milk and fry it.

  • When the egg is cracked, it is boiled and the part of the egg comes out with the crack. If you boil the cracked part of the egg by applying solate tape, then the part of the egg will not come out.

  • On rainy days, earthworms often come up through the filter of the kitchen drain. If you put bleaching powder or naphthalene on the strainer at night, the worms will not grow anymore.

Thanks for everyone stay safe and healthy

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