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Seven random photographs


how are you all Hope everyone is very well and healthy by the grace of Allah. Alhamdulillah I am also very well by the grace of Allah. Like every day, today also I appeared before you with a new post. But today I come with a brand new post. That is the photography post. I really like photography now. That's why I love photography wherever I go.

That's why I thought I'd share some different types of photography. Actually I think photography is an art. In that case, photography is not so easy. But still try to make photography beautiful with time. I did some photography myself. I hope you like my photography.



Photography - 1 :


This is Puishak's photography. Puishak is a very familiar vegetable to all of us. Puishak is so much fun to eat the way it is cooked. Now during the rainy season Puishak is available very fresh. Although puishaka is abundant in summer. Puishak is a lot of fun to eat when cooked with dal. A few days ago I went to the house of my little ring. From there I took the photography of this man. So today I shared the photography of this dress with you.





Photography - 2 :


This is the photography of sky and trees. I like to see the sky. Although this tree was there when I was photographing the sky. Because of this the photography is a bit different. In fact, some photography takes a slightly different approach. A few days ago I took this photograph from the roof of our house. So today I shared this photography with you. I hope you will like my photography.




Photography - 3 :


This is landscape photography. Natural scenes fascinate people a lot. Now the rainy season is amazing to do landscape photography and it looks wonderful. And green and fresh all around. A few days ago I did some landscape photography together with my husband's house with a pond and plants beside the pond. So today I shared this photography with you. Hope you like this photography very much.





Photography - 4 :


This is colorful flower photography. I really like colorful flowers. I especially like these flowers round and petals. And the color of these flowers is also very nice. These flowers are very large in size. And these flowering plants last for many years. A few days ago I visited a nursery garden. And from there I took this colorful flower photography. So today I have shared this colorful flower photography with you.





Photography - 5 :


Here is another landscape photography. The scenery is amazing to see. Especially now during the rainy season, there is water all around and the trees are lush because of this, green can be seen all around. There is a big dog in front of our shop. By dogi we mean a very large empty wheel. Although here the wild grass in the water makes the photography look great. So today I share this photography with you. I hope you will like my photography very much.





Photography - 6 :


This is the photography of Jaba flower calli. Jaba flower is one of our most familiar flowers. Jaba flowers are more or less everywhere we see them. Jaba flowers look great if they are a little bigger. There are many types of jaba flowers, no one can say for sure how many types of jaba flowers there are. Applying jaba flower juice on the scalp makes the hair straight and black. A few days ago I posted a photograph of this jaba flower calli from the front of a house. So today I have shared this beautiful photography with you.




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