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What is the weather of Bangladesh now???



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Here is drought season in Bangladesh now. I have not seen such tremendous drought season for a long time. Now it is summer season in Bangladesh. In this season , there comes down one-fifth rain of a year in Bangladesh. But in this year there are no rain yet at anywhere. Temperature is highest among last seven years here. But the most dangerous matter is that humidity in air is the lowest in the history of Bangladesh now. This is a matter of great tension now. 

Experts say that deforestation is the main reason for this humidity falling. In recent days, people cut off trees at a high rate in Bangladesh. As a result forest lands are now decreasing at a high speed. 

However the result of drought are now seen everywhere in Bangladesh. Farmers are mostly affected now. Their crops are now in danger. Much of crops are destroyed. As a result, there are a lot want of food in market. Now there are a high price hiking of daily foods in Bangladesh. It is now Ramadan, the fasting month for Muslims. Now this price hiking has added miseries to Muslim people more.

This is really a curse on us. Only Allah knows when this situation will be good. I pray so that Allah help us too soon on this perspective.

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