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Wanna visit in your dream????


Who don't want to visit such an amazing place from where you can touch cloud? I think such type of people you never find. I am very fond of visiting beautiful place. It is my dream from my early age to touch cloud. So i always wanna visit such place. And in my country there is a place like that but I never visit this place. In spite of this, i will make a article about that place and use photos from google with image source.




Image Source


The place is called Sajek valley. It is situated in the northest union of Bangladesh, Sajek, Baghaichhari Upazilla in Rangamati District. The valley is almost 450 above from sea level. 

Do you know who is queen of hills in Bangladesh?

 It is Sajek valley. 



There is a river named Sajek originated from Karnafuli river, one of the most important river in Bangladesh. And this valley named after the name of the river Sajek. It also indicates the border of Bangladesh and India. 

Sajek valley is very well known place all over in Bangladesh. It is mainly a tract area. There are also some small river and grassland. On the way of Sajek you have to pass Kachalong, Machalong and Mayni river. There are many high falls and peaks on the way that you have to pass to go to Sajek. So visiting to Sajek is a adventure too. The most interesting things is that, when you climb up a high peaks, you can go in touch of soft cloud......

There are total three hill tract district in Bangladesh. They are Khagrachhari, Bandarban and Rangamati. Rangamati is the biggest district in whole Bangladesh. Sajek valley is in Rangamati. In this hill tracts zilla , there lives mainly ethnic group of bangladesh. Among them Chakma, Marma, Tripura,  Pankua, Kaibarta, Lusai, Assamese and Sagma are mentionable. Beside these there are many other ethnic groups to....




How to go to Sajek: 

1) First you have to go Chittagong, the 2nd biggest city in Bangladesh....
2) Go to Rangamati district town. You can go by public bus or hired a microbus
3) From here you have to go in particular vehicle controlled by Bangladesh army. As it is hill tract and forest area, there are many criminals group on the way to rob. So Bangladesh army maintain some trip  to go to Sajek and to return from Sajek....

You can visit this amazing place if you want. Thank you for visiting my blog.....

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