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I am on serey after a long time....


It was a long time since I posted on serey. It may be almost 3 months. Perhaps 3-4 months ago i was very regular member of serey. I posted about different things on serey and commented on post that i liked. Then my final year exam routine was published on a sudden after a long time educational institute was closed for corona virus pandemic. To know more, i am persuing my undergraduate degree at University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh. I was busy in my study and was trying to give full concentrate to my study. As a result, i was without connection to internet except that i need mandatory on internet. 

However, i can't even complete my examination. Becouse the ministry of education of Bangladesh have suspended all the running examination after the 2nd concerning growing rate of corona virus. I have two more course to finish my exam. Now the exam of two remaining course has been suspended for sine die. So I decided to visit the blog or site that was visited before my exam regularly. 

I had a good enjoyable time with blurt, hive, serey, steemit etc. I hope i will get that place too enjoyable, friendly that was last time i visited. May be it was steemit to which i spend more time than blurt, hive or serey. Although all the four site is very enjoyable but i enjoyed steemit most. I and three of my friends spent a specific time with steemit. May be it was three years ago, there was a race among my friends that who can contribute more with steemit. Now it is a very good memory. Though nowadays i visit serey more but all the four site is loved equally.


Thank you all for spending your valuable time by reading my post. 

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