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How lonelyness can effect your life???


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In the end of a day, we all are alone. I heard this sentence while i watched a bengali drama named "All time dourer opor." At first i took it just as a funny sentence as the drama was on a funny happenings. But later i was able to recognize the deep meaning of the sentence. I think it is not only a sentence, but also a philosophy. When we have many property, we are young, that means we are at the best stage of our life, we got many beside will realize for a while that they are your best well-wisher. But you will be proved false, when your situation will be worst. 

If you want to know and see your actual situation, you will able to see it when you are in trouble. 

But such are the ways in this world. SO you must not regret for that. It is the natural rules. When you can support other, they will be beside yourself. But when you need support from themselves, they will be vanished on a sudden. 

So we all should be prepared for our bad days. And our preparation have to be like that such as we can fight that bad days alone. Becouse we know none will support me in our bad days. 

But there are some true well wisher who will be beside you even in this bad days. but this number is very low and can be neglected.

So we can easily can say that, when our sun is going to an end, we are the mosth alone person then. We can realize the necessity of a true company most then. Becouse everybody needs someone at all moment.

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