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How it would be if there exist no sorrows????



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If there is no darkness in this universe, we would be unable to find out the value of light. In this universe, everything is relative. That means we find out the value of everything compared to others. So if there is no opposite product or thing to a respective one, we would be unable to find out the value of the respective one. 

So let's think the situation when there is no sorrows in this world. If there are no sorrows in this world, how we would be able to find out the value of happiness??? That would be impossible. Becouse there is no measurer of happiness. There is only measurer to find out the value of happiness is sorrows.

We often see that people regret for their sorrows. They ask why there exist sorrows. Why Allah creates sorrows??? But they are very unware about the situation if there exist no sorrows. If they would be aware of it they don't regret for their sorrows, they only thanks Allah for giving him a fulfill body  and  power to work to remove their sorrows. Then after a specific period they would be able to remove their sorrows and then they could enjoy the real happiness of life. 

In this post, I am trying to understand that there is nothing that God create for nothing. Everyone or things has a value in this world. May be it seems that a specific things are useless, but it has a deep value when we realize it with our heart. And only when we can realize the value of our life, our surroundings and all. 

Thanks for everyone. It is only what i think about the value of our and our surroundings. May be it's wrong or i am unable to clarify the matter, but when you think deeply about it, i hope you will be able to find out the core of that fact. However, many thanks go to you for visiting my blog. 

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