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How I spend my night in this Ramadan.....



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It is fasting month for Muslim community all over the world. It is Ramadan (a month of Arabic Calendar ) when every Muslim must fast in whole month. As Arabic year complete in 354 days, so there are difference in every year of Arabic calendar with English or Bangla calendar. As a result Ramadan come at different time of the year. Such as when i was kid, i saw Ramadan when it is winter season in Bangladesh. But now i see this Ramadan when it is summer season in Bangladesh.

However, i am now enough adult. So it is compulsory to fast for me. Alhamdulillah, I am healthy to faste till now though the weather is very bad for fasting. In day time the temperature is above 40 degree celsius in my country now. There are no rain yet in this year. Bangladesh is facing a drought season now. So it is very hard to fast now. But it is mercy od Allah that i have succeeded to fulfill all of my fast till now. 

We have to take food before sunrise and have to leave food all day long. We can again can take food after sun set. But fasting in our religion is not just leaving food. It is also the matter of leaving all bad works and sins.

However, In every night become almost midnight to complete my home work. The if i sleep then, it is very hard to me to get up before sunrise to take food. So i used to go bed in this Ramadan after taking my food (called sehr) before sunrise. 
Then i sleep almost 10 am. May be it has a little bad effect on my health but by Allah's mercy i feel better then any other time of year. Ramadan is called the moth of every goodness. It is the month of special mercy of Allah. I think i am getting it better.

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