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26th march, the independence day of Bangladesh.




It is the night before 26th march in Bangladesh now. Do you know why i specificly marked this night? We have a huge history in this night 50 years ago. 26th march is the independent day of Bangladesh. 26th march in 1971, at first Hannan Shah and then Major Ziaur Rahman, on behalf of Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared  independence of Bangladesh from Pakistan. But why they choose this day for declaration of independence? To know it, you have to go past.

In the election of Pakistan in 1970, Awami Leage won with 169 parliament member when they had need 167 member to form the cabinet of Pakistan. But the previous cabinet deny to trnasfer the power to Awami Leage. As a result Awami Leage and the public of then East Pakistan go in clash with Pakistan government. At seven march in 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman delivered a speech in traditional Shurawardy garden to the public of then East Pakistan. He told them that the government of Pakistan will not transfer the power to bangladeshis. So they should fight for the independence of Bangladesh. 

Then somedays passed with many occurance. At the night after the day of 25 march, Pakistani military started a operation to dismiss the plan of independence of Bangladesh. At that night they killed many Bangladeshi people. It was a horrible night for every Bangladeshi. 

In this night Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was being arrested. But before being arrested he was able to send a speech of the declaration of independence of Bangladesh to his following leader. And at the evening of 26th march Hannan Shah declared the independence of Bangladesh on behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. 

This is a short writtings about our independence history. But we have a heroic history about it. 

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