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Irving Penh: Portraits of Phnom Penh’s riverside sellers



The vendors plying their trade on Phnom Penh's streets play an invaluable but under-appreciated role supporting life in the capital. But using their makeshift riverside studio, two photographers set out to place these overlooked workers in the spotlight.

While Cambodia has remained insulated from the worst effects of the virus from a public health perspective, economically, the impact has been devastating.
Called Irving Penh, the project’s name is a play on renowned American photographer Irving Penn, famous for his stark portraits in which he rejected ornate backgrounds and placed his subjects at the centre of the viewer’s gaze.
25-year-old Sophy, a seller on the riverside for three years, his basket of grilled banana and cakes wrapped in vibrant-green banana leaves. Others, like sugarcane seller Pisey and Srey Neang, mounted on her bicycle, have brought their tools of the trade inside the studio.

This article was written by ALASTAIR MCCREADY

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