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Student Morale in School Education..



Moral is a set of rules that contain good and bad, right-wrong, must be done or not in everyday life. ![IMG_20190104_083903.jpg]( If there are people who always violate the rules that apply in the community, the person will be considered immoral. Moral education should be in line with academics, because children's learning achievements are not only measured by the number of student academic achievement scores. Teachers must also assess students from aspects of their morality. Most children who have good academic achievement, have good morals, meaning they are obedient to rules and polite, both behavior and speech. Conversely, children who have low morality tend to have low academic potential, because they tend to be lazy in learning and not polite in speaking and behaving. Today there are many crimes involving students. Among them are student brawls. Only because of small and trivial things the students collided with fists and even used sharp weapons. If we examine carefully why this problem occurs? Yes ... the answer is nothing but the morale of students today getting lower. Even they did not feel embarrassed to declare themselves thugs who triggered a brawl. Not to mention the problem of promiscuity, where students are no longer ashamed to join hands with the opposite sex in public places. Of course the main cause of this is a lack of ethics and morals. The moral problems experienced by students today are generally caused by excessive freedom. This means that the first factor is parents. Lack of parental control over children's activities is the most common factor. Where parents are too busy working and have no time to pay attention to the development of children's education. The next factor is the influence of technological progress. The role of gadgets and the lack of interaction between parents and children will further exacerbate children's morale. Children will be too busy taking care of their gadgets and don't care about their surroundings and even their school lessons. In addition the teacher must also be a motivator for students to be good, by giving positive input to students. Thus a good moral attitude will be embedded in students. In learning students are required to be active in order to develop their potential. Of course with a comfortable and pleasant learning method. Basically parents and teachers go hand in hand to give a good moral example to students. For this reason parents and teachers must make every effort to become a good moral person so that they can be role models for children. ![IMG_20181217_100420.jpg]( **Thank you very much..**
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