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If you pay attention to the picture contained in this post, of course you know that this animal is a spider. This spider you often find around the house or in a place to live around our environment. In one film, this animal is often used as an incarnation of a hero to help a weak society. In the movie Spider-man, this is very popular among teenagers and young people. But basically Spider is very different from the original program. In the animal world, spiders are cold-blooded killer animals for their people. He traps its prey by making a net and allowing it to rot until it breaks into mucus or fluid and in the end the victim will be sucked with the fangs found in his jaw. ![IMG_20190218_162447.jpg]( For humans, the presence of this spider does not have a negative impact but there is one problem caused by this one animal that cleanliness, its presence in your home can make the house dirty, this is because the nets that he made as nests can disturb the beauty of your home. Mothers at home must go to great lengths to clean spiderwebs that stick to some corners above the ceiling or in some other hidden rooms, even though sometimes the nest he made under the basement. This action is initially not a problem but risks reducing the predatory insect population. Therefore it would be better if the housewife does not clean the spiderweb completely because its role greatly helps human life in daily life, indeed with the presence of spider webs it can damage the beauty of the house but the net can trap other predatory animals that will enter your home. Behind the negative effects it turns out that its existence can be beneficial to humans, namely in spiderwebs there is a spider's saliva that looks like cotton, this cotton can be a wound medicine for human skin.
In spider webs there are objects attached to the nest and used as a healing tool, not by utilizing the body but using silk fibers full of proteins that are owned by spiders. Pharmacologists at the University of Wyoming in the United States use Nephila spider yarn as a sewing thread for highly sensitive operations, such as tendon surgery, eye surgery, or human neural networks. But the fine thread must be treated again with a professional manufacture and become one of the threads mentioned above. ![IMG_20190218_162342.jpg]( For the people of Aceh, the thread or saliva contained in cobwebs is very meaningful, cotton-shaped objects attached to the net can be used as medicine. If someone is injured by a knife slice or that can hurt the skin, then take the white spider fiber and then stick to the injured skin, gradually recovering from someone's skin because in a small nest there is a substance that almost resembles glue. It can stick to the torn skin and eventually the wound will heal. This is a brief explanation, and I hope this will be useful and thank you very much.
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