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Can You Remove The Attacker's Hands?



If you practice a self-defense technique, you are not under pressure and your training partner would not be aggressive. So it seems what you practice would work when you are being attacked. But the fact is, the attacker would be aggressive when he attacks or grabs or does anything.

Before participating in a fighting competition, you might think you would do this and that, and attack somewhere in a certain way. How much can you do when you actually fight in a ring? You might not apply most of the things that you thought about before. 

Your opponent is not a dummy. You do not know how he is going to attack you. So what you planned before, you might not find the opportunity to use that or you forget that under pressure. Fight for self-defense is more intense and serious. 

When the attacker strikes you, he will not intend to touch your body and move his hands/legs back from there, there is no point in touching. When the attacker strikes you, he will intend to hurt you.

Let's talk about collar grab and defense. When someone grabs the collar of your shirt, he will grab it tight. You can watch this video and we will talk about it as an example. If the attacker just puts his hand on your shirt's collar, and you parry like that (in the video), you can move the attacker's hand. But you cannot remove the attacker's hand doing that if he grabs your collar tight. 

You can use different techniques to get rid of this. You can bend his elbow, move it up while you are moving behind him. From there, you can strike him or lock him. You can also grab the attacker's wrist, turn, and put pressure. He cannot grab your collar anymore because it will hurt as soon as you put pressure on his wrist.

So what would you do in a situation like this? Please feel free to leave your comments below. Thank you so much for reading this post.

Stay safe. Always be happy!

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