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Some buildings in the middle surrounded by greenery


Some beauty is not only work, but it looks beautiful even from a distance. Among the natural beauty, the beauty of some man-made achievements emerges.


 As everyday I was working at my work place suddenly I was shocked to see a little look outside because there was a very beautiful deposit surrounded by evergreens and for a while some under construction buildings surrounded by brick and stone could be seen that the beauty emerged from the middle of this natural beauty.

 That's why some photographers have collected from there, there are trees surrounded by greenery. I think from a distance it looked like a forest or a sister. There is no reason to think that it is a forest because there are such trees in every place or in the village in the rural areas. no shortage

 But this kind of building is rarely seen in a small village and some brick and stone buildings in the midst of evergreens, I think maybe that's why it is more beautiful.

 The pictures are collected by my own mobile and I write my post in Bengali and translate it to English

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