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Photography of delicious and delicious homemade food

Today I am back again with a new post for you. And today's post is the photography of my delicious and delicious home made food. I have only photographed these dishes prepared at my home. Recipes for these dishes have never been shared. However, what if you can't share the recipe, I have shared the photographs of the fun and delicious dishes. I believe you will like my food photography.

Since photography has become a kind of addiction, I always try to share with you by photographing something that I love and beautiful. Sometimes it happens that when you go to do photography, you have to face many questions. Then again when I explain to the questioner, I work in a community, but again they are very happy. Anyway, without further ado, let's take a look at the photographs of my delicious and delicious home-made food.


1. This delicious dish is called Rui Fish Broth Recipe. I like to eat roe fish very much. Both my son and daughter love to eat roe fish especially because of the relatively low cut in roe fish. On that day, a delicious and tasty Rui fish broth recipe was prepared at my home. And from there I have been doing photography.


2. This delicious dish is called Taal Pitha Recipe. Taal Pitha is very tasty and fun to eat. There is a flavor of tamarind especially when eating tamarind pita, which I like very much. That afternoon, I enjoyed eating hot taal pitha with hot tea. And so at that time I have taken photographs of pithas, to share with you.


3. This delicious dish is called Bele Meher Chachadi. And I bought these small sand fish from Dharla river. The river fish is already very tasty to eat. Then again, if the chachchdi is made with fish, onions and tomatoes in those small rivers, then it feels like nectar to eat.




4. This delicious dish is called Machamche Puti Fish Fry. Small putty fish are fried in oil and fried and eaten with rice. Hot rice, potato filling, thin lentil and if there is crispy fried fish with it, then the food is quite filling.


5. This delicious dish is called Dal Puri. The fun of eating hot dalpuri with tea or coffee in the afternoon is different. So that day when I had hot hot dal puri with tea in the afternoon, it tasted great. So I have taken a photo of that delicious and delicious dal puri to share with you.


6. This delicious dish is called Potato and Gourd Peel Vaji Recipe. Potatoes and gourd peels are fried together and eaten very well. Many of you may not know that the bark of the gourd can be roasted and eaten. Many people may be familiar with this interesting dish. Anyway, the recipe is very good to eat. So I present to you this funny bhaji photography.


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