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Puishak recipe with Mussoorie dal

Today I have appeared before you again with an interesting recipe post. Today I am going to share with you a recipe of puishak with lentils. I don't like to eat vegetables, but I have eaten too little. That's why I'm trying to eat a little lately to bring some balance. That's why I try to eat this vegetable in different ways at different times. It is also good to eat puishak with such dal and in some cases it is good to eat it even if it is cooked with small puti fish. Or it tastes good if cooked with shrimps and fish. Today I am sharing with you the fun cooking with dal.


Necessary Materials


Musuri dal
ginger batter
garlic paste
garlic cloves
Turmeric powder
Chilli powder
cumin powder
the oil




20231013_230948.jpg 20231013_230934.jpg
20231013_230814.jpg 20231013_230919.jpg
20231013_230852.jpg 20231013_230840.jpg

First I soaked the lentils in water for half an hour. Then I cut the vegetables and washed them cleanly. After that, I cut the potatoes into small pieces. Then I put onions in a pan. Now put turmeric powder, chili powder, salt, oil, ginger paste and garlic paste inside the onion.

20231013_230827.jpg 20231013_230802.jpg
20231013_230747.jpg 20231013_230736.jpg

After kneading everything well by hand, I spread it more nicely with the branches inside it. After that, I gave the potatoes and vegetables.

20231013_230720.jpg 20231013_230706.jpg
20231013_230652.jpg 20231013_230636.jpg

After that, I rubbed it nicely with my hands. Then I covered it with a lid. After a while, after opening the lid, I will see that quite a bit of water has come out of the vegetables and the vegetables have become soft. With the lid open, I stirred it for some time and cooked it for some time.

20231013_230617.jpg 20231013_230606.jpg
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