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# 14 # Once Caldas vs Envigado FC # Predict the score and get good reward from @liaminit



![8.jpg]( [source](![8.jpg]( ### Once Caldas Bets They currently standing at 11th position in Columbia Liga Aquila point table. This season they played 13 matches out of that they win in just 5 matches and also lose in 3 matches with 3 matches result remain draw. They are able to win in 13 matches out of 27 matches they played against Envigado. In the last 5 matches of this season they able to win in 2 matches and in two matches they lose with remaining one match draw. ### Envigado FC The current form for the team is really in trouble because in their last 5 matches they played so far in that they able to win in just single match and in three matches they suffer to lose. Moreover, they are standing at 15th position in point table of Columbia Liga Aquila. In this season they played 13 matches and from this they able to win in just 3 matches and in 6 matches they lose it with 4 matches result comes to draw. ![1554714305_WhatsApp_Image_2019-04-08_at_2.05.29_PM.jpeg]( ##### Head to Head performance of both teams ### My prediction Looking at the overall analysis and previous records it suggests that Once Caldas team is favourite to win the match. My prediction score for this match will be 2-1 and once Caldas will win the match. ### Previous Contest result- #### #13# Cucuta Deportivo 0-1 Millonarios ##### Winner- Nil ## Rules for the contest and how to join:- 1. Place the prediction in the comment section. 2. You need to do the score prediction in this contest. Predict the scores. 3. I will announce the winner list in my next day blog or comment section. 4. The comment will be accepted before the beginning of the match. 5. No cheating and more than 1 prediction will be not allowed in the contest. 6. Winner will be given a full vote on his post/comment by @liaminit account. 7. If there are multiple winners in the contest than we will divide the reward by the winners' numbers. For eg., if there are 3 winners than we will divide the reward of the giveaway by 3. 8. If there will be no winners on the contest. The reward will be divided to all comments. So all the reward is yours. **Thank you for looking at my post and taking an interest. Hope so you comment on this post too. I will like to have as many comments so that it will be good for the community to reward their post.** ## Regards @Rabin Singh Note:-If someone wants to be a part of this contest to help another as a sponsor, then you are most welcome to contact me in discord/Telegram
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