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Know the health of the walk in the morning


![121248Untitled-1.jpg]([source]( Regular walking will reduce the risk of heart attack to half. Walking increases heart and lung energy. Not only that it will not only create long-term ability to exercise, but your daily work will also help in tiring. It strengthens the immune system. High blood pressure decreases in regular walking. This improves the ability of cardiovascular work by improving blood circulation. Apart from this, the 'good' cholesterol levels in blood increases regularly. As a result, the chance of a heart attack reduces. The oxygen you get out of the morning gives you plenty of energy, especially in your unstable connections. When you are fit and healthy, your confidence will also increase. Remember, spending time walking behind the walk means not to have time to spare everyday life. Regular walking will improve your muscular muscles. It increases blood circulation and increases the rate of special hormone emission of endorphins. As a result, the body and mind are very fast. Walk for an average of four days 45 minutes a week. It will reduce your weight by 8-10 kg in a year, which will not change food. Walking will help reduce fat in your body and pull muscles.
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