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12-year-old Brazilian teenager Teague with a pair of Jaguar in one lake


![182020_bangladesh_pratidin_tiger_pic (1).jpg]([source]( 12-year-old Brazilian teenager Teague with a pair of Jaguar in one lake One of them is tinged with Tiago's neck. The film was so popular because many people suspected the image is not fake? But it has been proved that the picture is correct and Tiago often puts such images in it. Tiago Silvio, born in Brazil, grew up with sports with Jaguar since childhood. Tiago is with them. "Some of my friends told me the picture is fake, but the picture is real, many of the pictures have been great and they wanted to see Jaguar two. Everyone is not lucky like me, so I want to share my experiences with others," BBC News told Brazil 12-year-old teenager Tiago Experience of growing with Jaguar Tiagoro's father Leonid Silvio and mother Anna Zakomo are both scientists. They worked in the Jaguar Institute of Brazil. Their main goal is to study and preserve the tiger, leopard, Jaguar national wildlife in America. "Our son was born in an environment where he grew up with Jaguar since his childhood, and learned how to adapt to him and instinctively. We certainly do not let him do everything. But he also knows what to do or should not do, "said Tiago's father, who posted this viral picture first. 'They are part of the daily life of Tega, in this life it is not unusual. ' When Teygo was born, his father was raising three children in Jaguar. When they went out to visit, they stopped to give milk to four children. Tiago and three Jaguar Cubs. The Sylviere family went out to visit the truck. Tiago has had a rare experience of growing up with tigers. "It's a relationship of love and respect, I've always helped my parents in the care of animals." I liked the company very well, "said Tiago. What to do when facing Jaguar, Silviers gave the same advice to the boy as he gave advice to the general public about it. "Such animals do not kill humans for eating, what they do is only in response to human behavior, so they should be respected. You should understand how they will go to them or not go through their body language," said Lyndro Silvieira. Where are the borders Where to draw the boundary, understand. If Jaguar wants you, he will come to you himself. They are not social animals. But their bonding with humans can grow. Tea's mother says that he did not have to be in trouble with his son and Jaguar. But Anna said that she never left her son alone with Jaguar. "We have always been very cautious about Jaguar and all the other animals, and we adhere to the strict rules governing safety. Silviers and Zakamora sanctuary on 123 acres of land. They do not let the tourists enter there. Because they do not want to disturb the animals, they want to be respected. They built this reserved area in 2002 only for research on Jaguar. Later on the request of the Brazilian Environment and Natural Resources Organization, they took charge of the care of orphan jaguar. At present, their forest area is mainly Jaguar reproduction land. Silviera says that 95 percent of these reproduction and maintenance programs are personal, and the rest comes from donations. Now they are looking after 14 Jaguar Of these four children. In the last decade, they have grown to 35 animals. Jaguar has a list of endangered species. Although Jaguar is available in 21 countries of the world, there are about half of Jaguar in the world in Brazil. They do not return Jaguars to their reserves, they do not return to the forest, especially because the peasants kill Jaguar to save their cows. These Jaguars are also big with the people because they have a close bond with the people. Silviera thinks that if they leave them in the jungle, they will come to the locals in search of people and lose their lives. Last year, when he went away from his home to attend the Tiago Secondary School, he met with Jaguar. Tiago misses them a lot. "I grew up with them since childhood, so I'm very upset, whenever I come home, I play with them, and realize that they were missing me. This viral film was taken on 15th November when Tiago came home.
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