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Salt deprivation

![download.jpeg]( [Source]( Salt is used to bring human taste to human food throughout the world. But there are many disadvantages to eating extra salt. The information provided by a women website is quoted as 'The New England Journal of Medicine'. It is said, in the United States alone, 10 percent of heart disease or directly related to the extra salt usage. Also, additional consumption of salt can cause many other problems in the human body. Doctor and Nutritionist Kristin Kirkpatrick reports that the risk of eating excess salt. Can make you blossom Playing excess salt, the body starts to store excessive amount of water. It will feel like swelling! Extra water in the body increases blood pressure. Several health researches have found that directly related to blood pressure with salt supplements, Patrick said. Mudkache is the more salt you can eat than your blood pressure. The same medical journal has said that there is a risk of brain stroke again in this high blood pressure. Kirkpatrick also said that over time salt tendency could be developed. So be careful about having more salt, but delicious food. High blood pressure can gradually put pressure on the effectiveness of kidneys. High blood pressure can affect our brain. Eating extra salt increases the risk of heart disease.
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