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Benefits of eating honey in the morning

![images (5) (1).jpeg]( [Source]( Honey is being used as medicine since ancient times. Everyday honey plays weight loss. Especially in the early morning, after mixing lemon juice and honey mixed with light hot water in the stomach, it helps to reduce weight, in a few days. Also, the liver is clean. Honey can increase the ability to prevent disease in the body. Because honey has abundant minerals, vitamins and enzymes that protect the body from various diseases. Also, playing one spoon honey every morning decreases the problems of cold, cough, cough etc. To overcome problems of digestion, you can practice eating honey every morning. Honey helps in the process of digestion by reducing acidity of the stomach. If you want to eat honey to remove the problems of digestion, take a spoon honey before eating a heavy meal each time. Especially in the morning, one spoon of honey is very beneficial but very beneficial. Honey has natural sugar which strengthens the body and keeps the body functional. Especially those who like to eat some sweet foods can eat honey instead of another sweet dish. Reduces body weakness and tea-coffee drunk honey.
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