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Benefits of eating food

![koriander-blaetter-coriander-leaves-by-sommai-fotolia (1).jpg]( [Source]( The person who does not have five-fifths praise for the taste and smell of coriander leaves but very few. Almost all types of powders increase the taste of the leaves; Excellent scent by adding to it Coriander leaves are unique to taste only? Advantages of the fruits of food and nutritional value are unacceptable. Nutrition- There are several beneficial minerals, such as potassium, calcium, manganese, iron and magnesium, which are rich in lentils. This leaf also provides vitamin A and Vitamin K. Not only this, this plant is antiseptic, antifungal, and any kind of itching and skin-drying of important drugs. In the AIIMS laboratory in Delhi, the rheumatoid arthritis has been found to remove the inflammation and bloating of the coronary juice in the rats of rats, which are also found in Vitamin C. Folic acid is also found in vitamins. This is a type of vitamin that is very useful for the benefit of the skin. These vitamins provide daily nutrition. This page contains vitamins filled with antioxidants. Dhanepata is also used for making some fragrances. Advantages of Treasury- Helps to reduce cholesterol- There is a harmful cholesterol called LDL in our body, which increases the problem of blood circulation in the heart due to the body's vein-sublingual wall. This is due to a heart attack. Dhanepata reduces this harmful cholesterol. Again, this kind of cholesterol, good or beneficial for the body, increases the HDL levels and helps keep the body healthy. Iron onions helps in the formation and growth of blood. There are plenty of vitamins in the coriander leaves. Because of this, Dhanepata is cholesterol-free. As a result, Dhanepata fought against fat of the body. Dhanepata also helps in cleaning the blood. Coriander leaves - Rupanchaya is also very beneficial this Dhanepata. The skin and the hair are inconvenient. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Phosphorus and Chlorine in the coriander leaf. So a great deal of wealth as a natural bleach. Those who have black spots on their lips before going to sleep every night, if they keep milk on the lips with the juice of the milk, then the black spots of the lips will be removed for one month and the lips will be tender and beautiful. Apart from this, the medicines prevent the urine. The leaf contains more fiber, iron, flavonoid, magnesium, and other nutrients which are useful for health, which are quite beneficial for health. Winter leaves and skin cracks, cold, feverish fever feels like a friend in this page. You can also keep your youth on a large amount of money. The seeds of rich seed- The seeds of coriander also have many advantages. That is, it also has the drug quality. As the seeds of oil sprayer, food digestion, fungicide, and also increase the appetite. The gravy of the juice is strengthened by the juice of leaf juice. Stopping blood and stopping the smell of the mouth. If there is a problem of gastric, there may be smell on your face. There is a trend in the consumption of spices as a spice powder in different countries. Whole grain seeds can be eaten. Stomach problems: Dhanepada keeps the body cold and helps digestion. In many cases, the leaves help to increase digestion by benefiting the leaves like stomach hives and stomach problems. Dhanepada also increases appetite and air pollutants. Diabetes control- Nutritionists have said that coriander leaves are not only unique in beauty and taste, but also useful for health. Coriander leaves control diabetes by reducing the amount of sugar in the blood. Girls' aunt is effective- The lotus leaves are also very important in bringing lentils to the girls to get extra pigment control. For this, five hundred milliliters of water should be provided with 6 grams of coriander leaves. After that, a tablespoon of sugar mixed with hot water can be cured of excessive bleeding during menstrual period. Itchiness-Panchayat Dhanepata- This material is very useful for fast drying of body parts. Itching of the body - it starts flowing quickly when the juice is thrown into the pancake. This coronation, quickly damaged by the operation or injuries caused by the injuries. To stop blood clotting- The soft parts of the mouth protect the palpate. Even fighting against facial cancer. The chestnut juice is extracted from the juice of teeth and it is very fast to stop the flow of blood. Dhanapata helps to strengthen the grips with Cure of Brain Disease- Alzheimer's substance is rich in coriander. These substances work as an important element in the brain to cure diseases. As a result, there is no disease in the brain that can not be nestled properly in the brain. To strengthen the bones- The strength of the bones can not be termed to be hard. It strengthens the bone. So Dhanepata should eat regularly. Arthritis Pain - Arthritic pain is very important. People who have problems with arthritis. If they eat enough amount of coriander, then they can cure diseases. How to eat - After drinking water in the coriander leaves, the pain of the arthritis is removed. Cure of eye diseases- Vitamin A contains plenty of vitamins. And this gives vitamin n to the nutrition. Those who have night sickness. For them, Dhanepata benefits a lot. Dhanapata played a great role in eliminating night blindness. To stop bleeding in the hemorrhoids- Damages in the hemorrhoids are very helpful. The juice of the lymph is stopped by the juice of coriander. Helpful to increase the aridity Dhanepata is very tasty vegetables. And this coriander helps in raising your face by playing with bake. Dhanapata keeps the body's bitters cold.
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