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The way Bluetooth works


Hello, Friends. I hope everyone is well. Sharing a video, audio or picture from one device to another without an app really comes to mind when it comes to Bluetooth. Many times the question may come to your mind, how does this Bluetooth actually work? Today I will try to explain this to you in a simple way.

If you use a mobile phone, you have been using Bluetooth since childhood. Because you could see Bluetooth in that little Nokia phone. Bluetooth is one of the most important things in your phone today.

Nowadays, not only video or audio sharing from one device to another, but also some changes in daily life using this technology. Apart from video or audio sharing, Bluetooth headphones and speakers actually come to mind.

Let's take a look at how Bluetooth works
First of all let's say why we need Bluetooth in our phones. You all know this, of course for data transmission. When you talk on a mobile, that data is being converted from analog to digital and going to the tower and the other person is being analog to that data digitally and then he can hear. This is how mobile phones have an antenna for Bluetooth, which helps in data transmission.

This Bluetooth is a method of wireless communication. Its range is 10 meters. However, if the power of the power cell is increased, its range can be increased up to 100 meters. So, Bluetooth is a method of wireless communication over a distance of 1 to 100 meters. Which is a wireless protocol designed for small scale. Bluetooth can communicate with up to 6 devices simultaneously. However, each device must be located in a circle with a radius of 10 meters. Because Bluetooth technology is active in a circular path up to a maximum of 10 meters.

Now the question may be, if 8 devices are connected together, does it create any barrier to communication?

The answer is no. This is because Bluetooth uses a method known as "spread-spectrum frequency hopping" to solve this problem. In this method a device randomly receives 79 individual frequencies from a frequency and changes them one by one within a certain range. The transmitter changes frequency 1600 times per second. As a result, it is almost impossible to transmit data of the same frequency between many different devices at the same time. In this method multiple devices do not use the same frequency at the same time so there is no interruption in communication with each other.

If two devices want to be connected to each other, select one of the channels and if it is in use at the moment, automatically selects another channel. In order not to collide with any electrical device and for safety reasons, they change from one frequency to another thousands of times per second.

Does Bluetooth interfere with other wave-dependent devices?
Bluetooth does not interfere with the operation of other wave-dependent devices. Because in this technology the signal capacity is only 1 milliwat. Where cellphones transmit signals up to 3 watts. This means that a low power signal bluetooth signal cannot interfere with a high power signal.

Bluetooth communication system uses a frequency of 2.45 GHz. There are different versions of Bluetooth. Such as 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.02, 5.0 versions etc. Bluetooth upgrades from their previous version to the next version. Increasing the range a bit from the previous version, reducing the battery consumption, increasing the data transfer speed a bit and also some more changes. For example, the first Bluetooth 1.0 data transfer speed was 1 megabit per second. But currently the maximum speed of 5.0 is 2 megabytes per second. Although its maximum speed is not always available.

Devices implementing the Bluetooth protocol work by establishing a two-way connection. At present Bluetooth technology is being used in devices like mobiles, computers, cameras, laptops, printers etc. This technology consumes very little power.

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