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The mystery of joy



There are some things that can be considered as the basis of happiness. Although money cannot give you all the happiness but without enough money all your needs will never be fulfilled. One person needs one thing. In my student life, the electric ceiling fan was a huge thing to me, my father bought me a new bicycle for Rs 125 in 1950, he did not have a happy address that day. Nowadays people are not happy to get a battery powered car. A well-known business house, which has a turnover of over 200 million a year, has two owners who continue to quarrel with each other over property. I don't know exactly, but will the one who gets the money be entitled to all the happiness? My point is, happiness does not require billions of dollars, only nutritious food, a roof and clean clothes.

For some people, the more money they have, the happier they are, but sometimes this money is the cause of their trouble. My friend Shyamal made a lot of money abroad, with which he bought a property in Punjab and deposited the rest of the money to earn high interest. The next time he comes back from abroad, he finds out that the relatives who were partners in his land and who had the attorney of his house, land, bank, etc., cheated him and took everything in their name. Later, he sued and went abroad, promising never to return.

Except for a few days when I met him in the USA, his ideas about other countries were not good. I told him it was his fault, he shouldn't have had too much faith in these people. She says she falls into the trap of their sweet and sympathetic words. In reply I say that as social animals we have to share our feelings with others. By this kind of use we can prove that we are the people who deserve to be in society. Love and affection are present in all of us but at the same time we need to know how to protect ourselves from the greed of others. One should not think of taking advantage of him while doing something for others. We need to know how to save ourselves.

God created man in such a way that either they rule or they become exploiters, but whatever the field, they are satisfied and happy. In December 2017 I went to Kathmandu. I noticed that 90% of all the shopkeepers sitting on the sidewalk were quite cheerful. I also ask the hotel waiters and staff, are they happy? Their answer was that there is no reason not to be happy. Happiness is not the property of any rich or famous person, it is presented to everyone in different forms.

Different objects bring joy to different people's lives at different times. The leaders were happy to win the vote. Entrepreneurs are happy to make a lot of money, students are happy to get good marks, some are happy to get good jobs but most people hide their happiness inside.

Happiness and unhappiness are all around us. The death of a loved one hurts us. Many times people even commit suicide due to the pain of losing. There is no such thing as a happy ending that can always keep everyone happy. People need to know how to find happiness and apply it in their life. Things that make you happy, if you can focus on those areas and always make yourself happy.

But happiness will always be with you and will be your partner. Everyone has to find this source of happiness for themselves.

Some people take anti-depressant medication because they are always depressed. If you have to take any of these herbs, take the advice of friends and of course get the opinion of a doctor. The companies that make these drugs make a lot of money from it.

Any human body, affinity and superiority depends on what a person does to break the external bonds of his life. The media is full of fascinating tax advertisements. Many celebrities also work on this ad to influence an element in people's lives, whether they use it in their own lives or not. Anyone can increase or decrease his ability to work through habits. If you try to go against your nature, it will definitely affect you, so never try to go against your nature. Try to drive yourself in such a way that you can get a lot more.

I don't have any activity until I drink two cups of tea in the morning. I once tried to quit this habit but as long as I drank a second cup of tea, there was a curiosity. I have made a mistake and corrected that I have to keep my body at this level to be happy and capable.

Ads that try to convince us that using their content can make us feel happy and satisfied should not be ignored. Many strange promises are made to help you lose weight, to overcome your financial and marital problems, and to make you happy. All these promises are made to empty your pockets.

Before applying them, make sure you are not being fooled. One of my colleagues was admitted to an advertisement after retiring from IPS. No one takes pleasure and satisfaction from him He swindled Rs 50,000 in the name of donation. When he realizes that he has been fooled, he asks for my help, I give him his money, but what did he think he wanted to buy his happiness? I couldn't help but ask this question. Is it possible to buy happiness with money? When asked this question, he says that he was caught in the magic of advertising. We can never blame the media because it is through this advertising that people can learn about the material.

Some newspapers say that advertising has nothing to do with them. No newspaper has the responsibility to warn the general public about advertising. Every consumer has to be careful about this because we are all responsible for our own joys and sorrows.

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