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No human being is perfect, all of us have hidden faults like selfishness, inattention and lamentation. It is better not to focus on the weaknesses while focusing on the positive. You need to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. You can't get rid of the evil that is hidden inside you. If you don't notice it, it doesn't mean it's over. Without complete practice and faith they cannot be separated from themselves. Even if it is only your outer covering, it still affects your relationship and life. The solution is to never blame others for the pain or humiliation. Forgive anyone who tries to hurt you, and try to move forward first. If you blame others for your own weakness, happiness will be taken away from you and you will remain a recipient of mercy. Some people go beyond themselves. Even though they did not make mistakes, they took the blame on others. Your life, behavior and behavior starts with you and ends with you, you cannot be responsible for the use of others. How everyone uses it is entirely up to you. We are responsible for our own actions, we have to bear the consequences of that action no matter how good or bad it is, so there is no need to put one's head on the other's feet. The quality of our lives is ensured through every diagnosis of life and the consequences that come from it. If you are taking responsibility for their own work.

But you can build a palace around yourself, where you can live as you wish. This attitude leads you to happiness and indifference. There is a saying in Bengali that "the more molasses you give, the sweeter it will be."

A lot of times we neglect our own happiness and accept their opinion to make others happy. You can get to the top by choosing a career of your choice. If you love your work, the consequences will be the best. You will feel that you can control the pace of your life. In this case, your faith is the most important thing. There is a deep connection between your faith and happiness. The joy of your life depends on your attitude and mentality. Always remember what you want in life, only then you can go to the highest peak.

Some people take their lives very simply. They don’t want to set foot in new fields, they never want to fly.

They cannot find the right path for themselves because they do not have faith in themselves, they cannot enjoy their life according to their own minds. They never have the desire to live a better life. The very first step to making this dream a success is to decide what you want in life.

Try to remember the last time you valued your dream or desire. Did you think you could get it easily? Did this increase your confidence? What did you think? That, so far you have been living against your will? Can you feel happy until the end? You don't know your own happiness, you just live day after day now?

Our whole life is related to various factors, some of them are in our hands, some are in our hands. Life is constantly changing and that is why our dreams, hopes and needs are constantly changing. So we also have to change ourselves according to the situation. A child and an old man cannot dream. People change with age. A student wants a good job for himself.

I always imagined something good would happen to me. I was able to make this dream come true because I had no doubts about my own qualifications. You have to have the courage to imagine the next day in a beautiful way. Imagine for a moment that you were transferred to the Earl functional-driven world. Once you create a dream to make it a reality. Get up and fall. You can make your dream come true and you have the right to be happy, never let this belief go out of your head

No, faith alone can make a dream come true. One right decision can change your whole life. Most of the time the solution to all the problems is in our hands only we have to look at our own inner words.

Welcoming new careers, trials and opportunities for success and change in life, if any judgment does not work, why hesitate to change it? Instead of hiding in doubt and fear, it is better to find a way to overcome it. If you want to do something, you have to get out of your comfortable room.

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