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Journey of human Success


Whenever a person sees the face of victory, he is constantly confronted with violence and criticism. Very few people are really happy to see that achievement and success. Most lakes prefer to see the front lakes less successful and lower than themselves. If you want praise too, try to be successful. Remember that Lake envies successful people and not unsuccessful people. Dedicate yourself completely to getting anything. Success will come in your hands. Write down your mistakes somewhere so that they will not be repeated in the future. Only high-ranking leaders or businessmen are criticized.

This also happens to them a lot of times as the director of the CBI. I have been constantly criticized for meeting the Prime Minister repeatedly for not meeting any people. I was doing my job well so I never listened to this talk and moved on to my goal. If successful people have full confidence in themselves, they will go about their business quietly instead of thinking about that discussion. Honestly, not everyone likes what you do and they will start condemning you. None of us are perfect and he is always wrong. So never bother with unnecessary discussions. But critics think it's a mirror that will make you look your best. They work very well for you. They tell us what we are and what we are not say it should. If you are constantly feeling tired, there will be no excitement and attraction in life. Relax whenever you feel tired. So that you do not get annoyed. Relaxation is also a special idol. You can rest both at home and in the office.

I lengthen my legs while working on the laptop in the study. I make adequate arrangements for Ala so that there is no eye strain during work. Although it is not possible while working in the office. I find myself very tired when I see random papers at work. I tidy up the work table before bed at night and then go to bed.

Another characteristic of successful people is that when they encounter a problem, they are busy solving it and also manage the work from their own point of view. We all get to work 24 hours a day in life but we work according to plan, sharing with each other and making proper use of time. The work you do for the morning needs to be done with full enthusiasm. Focus on this rather than pondering the long run. If you finish today's work today, no worries will arise. Don't worry about the future and don't worry about the past. Success is associated with work. Successful folks area unit on top of things of virtually each single scenario. Sir William advised us to live with the present, not the future. Try to enjoy each day to the fullest.

According to one scholarly writer, ask yourself what would happen if I could not solve the problem too much? Then prepare yourself for this bad situation, then calmly try to change this bad into good. Which you have accepted emotionally.

  1. Thought is a bad mentality that creates inadequate knowledge about Lake and events. If you want to make progress and do something good, it is better to keep your thoughts away. The truth is that you can't always live with thoughts but you can be prepared in advance for the responsibilities that suddenly arise from it. Whenever a problem arises in front of me, write down the solutions on a piece of paper. At the same time, I write down what could be the biggest loss. Then let's try to choose one of the best solutions. I spend most of my time thinking about it.

  2. As long as you break the cycle of thought, it will continue to break you. Working and being busy is a way to avoid worries. People who are overwhelmed at work have no time to worry. Exercise can also help you in this case. Whenever I have to think about something, I go for a walk which reduces my body tension and stress. For this reason, do physical work whenever you have thoughts. It is a good medicine to relieve unrest.

  3. Use the average method during any complication. Traveling by car or ship is a terrible thing. Accidents can cost lives. I have been traveling since I was nine years old. In the last sixty years, nothing unpleasant has happened to me. On average, traveling by train or plane is very safe, and the chances of an accident are very low. In this way, keeping in mind the average method, we can predict whether an accident will happen or not. Some things are certain in life, such as death and retirement. It is better to accept it and find another way. I would go to the races and spend a lot of money there. Once I lost five hundred rupees, I decided that after winning or losing fifty rupees, I would no longer stand on the race field or in the casino. In this way I protect both my financial loss and my thoughts. I try to think about it instead of thinking too much about things or past events, so when someone asks me about it, I make it clear that I don't remember. No one responded well to my words or someone insulted me and I became sad or arrogant, don't forget to try to move on. My wife is often surprised by my use of this.

Let him know that I don't care about these things. Because each person grows up in a different environment, their behavior is different. No human being is equal to any other human being. I think someone else can also find fault with my behavior, it is created inside me for my home environment, friends, family and colleagues.

If a person wants to reach the highest peak of progress, get something in life or be successful, he should learn something from the feelings of others. In this modern age we cannot learn anything from the work of others or get anything without their help. Communication systems like e-mail and mobile have revolutionized modernity. We use so many different devices but we don't know anything about their invention. Instead of trying to recover, we wallow in our sadness and thus, experience more failure. In the same way, follow the rules and decisions of those healthy, successful and happy people who have been able to take their place in the test of time.

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