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If there were no online advertising, we would have problems



How are you all friends? Nowadays, when you turn on the TV or visit a website or watch a video online, there are one annoying advertisement after another. In the virtual world, advertising is very useful for us, but it is the most annoying thing for us.

Advertising is really annoying. Be it on TV, billboards or online. None of us like to see ads. Suppose people all over the world went against advertising and advertising was removed from all places. So what can happen, let's shed light on this issue.

Advertising is a boring factor in our online platform and personal life. Because this ad suddenly comes in between watching a necessary video. This is equally annoying for us on TV or anywhere on the online platform. However, the ads that are shown on the online platform are less annoying than the TV ads. We need most of the ads we see on online platforms. But the ads that run for a few minutes on TV are of no use to us.

But let's find out why advertising is done on online platforms or on TV?

When we watch TV at home or play YouTube videos, after a while the advertisement goes on, hopefully why this annoying advertisement was given, even if these advertisements were not given, or even if given, very little was given. But there is also a rationale in your thinking. If we see less advertisements in these places, we will feel much more comfortable to see them.

But if you are asked why they will not advertise you, do you pay them for it? In response, you will all say that we do not pay any money to the owner of YouTube or TV channel. But in this case, you are watching those videos for free. That's why if you use YouTube or the website, you are not paying any money to that platform. Advertising is basically an online platform for you to roam free.

While this ad is annoying for us, it is for this ad but we get to watch free content, TV channels give us the opportunity to watch for free, we can watch videos and content for free on online websites or YouTube.

What happens if I stop showing ads on online platforms?
Not to mention that many websites will be shut down if advertising stops. Organizations like YouTube will shut down and most companies will lose their business. Most people will lose their jobs when the advertising market shuts down. Besides, we all have to face another problem at this time, that is, no one will be able to know which new product is actually on the market. Because advertising is a means of promotion, if that advertising stops, we will not get any promotion for that product. Although the news of that product may come to us through many means, it will be in a very limited amount.

It is not just the companies that will lose money. In this way we have to buy products at higher prices. Because at that time we will not know about any promotional offer. Because at that time no one will give you the news of that product for free and you will not know the exact pricing of it.

It may still seem that we will find out the price of the product by visiting all those websites. But in this way you can remember the names of a few organizations? It turned out that the brand names you remembered did not offer any attractive offers. In this case you will not get that product. Besides, you may think that what happened after the advertisement was stopped, I will watch the videos of those organizations on YouTube. But this is not impossible because YouTube will not give you free service at that time, in this case you have to use YouTube with money.

Once the ad is discontinued, the services of the major online service providers will no longer be available for free. Among them are websites like Google, YouTube, Facebook etc. To use these services we have to pay a subscription fee. We can't upload any tunes we like on Facebook and Instagram. In a word, we have to use internet in all places of online platform with subscription fee.

If the ad is off for a while, you might go to YouTube to find out. But at that time you will not see any video on YouTube. Because you have to pay a fee to keep all those videos on YouTube server. Google raises money by showing ads on YouTube videos. But if the ad stops at that time, the cost of running the server will not be borne, which is why the text for subscription will appear on your display to run YouTube. Because YouTube has shown you videos for so long only in exchange for showing ads.

That's why you have to pay a subscription fee because the ad has stopped. While it is very difficult for ordinary people to buy and use mobile data, it is a luxury to pay subscription fee on any platform along with mobile data. Many customers will move away from the Internet to use with a subscription fee on different platforms. As a result, companies like Google and Facebook will not take long to shut down.

Many people think that there is no point in advertising on a website or on TV. I will tell them once again that without advertising you would not be able to use so much for free and your life would not be so much better. I personally love the advertising of online platforms, if it suits my mind and needs. Online advertising is not the only thing that bothers us. On the contrary, online advertising has made our lives a lot easier.

There are ads but we can see the ads of our choice online. If online advertising had come up, we would not have seen the advertisement of any product according to our needs. As a result, the service we need may be unknown. Why we look at advertising. A full airticle on this subject will be published later.

So friends, because there are ads, we can use everything online for free. If there were no ads, we would have to pay for everything online and we might not get the service we wanted.

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