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Do you Believe in Yourself?



If you, knowingly or unknowingly, are constantly sending kinbas and winning claws to your brain, Mantik will accept that, and act accordingly. If you send a message of disbelief and loss, the brain will accept it and act accordingly. Think, you believe in yourself. What? Do you send a message to your brain to believe in yourself? You will get the same result as you clamp. Your unconscious brain plans to act according to what you think of your abilities and qualifications. If people call you useless and unsuccessful without any special reason, even though you are worthy and influential, you will gradually forget the real power and start believing that you are an ordinary person and forget your own worth.

This is what happens with children at home. The child who does well in the first test gets the tag of extraordinary, brilliant, very intelligent, serious etc. This is said so many times in front of this child that he starts shopping. He becomes convinced that he is extraordinary and that he begins to act in harmony with this belief.

Unknowingly, he proves his badge correct.

On the other hand, if another child with equal qualifications and intelligence is unable to bring the best results for any other reason, then he gets the badge of ordinary, idiot, idiot and donkey or cow. These words are said over and over again, and the child begins to believe in his own ignorance that he is not intelligent and has gathered to be normal. Their subconscious brain begins to work for failure instead of success. This negative belief pushes all these children into darkness. The sixth mistake of the parents, the badge given unknowingly, puts one child in the category of a successful person and another child in the category of a common man. If you disbelieve, you can make the extraordinary person extraordinary, and by faith you can make the ordinary extraordinary. Stop distrusting yourself. You too can do things that others in this world can do. Forget what the people said and stand firm. Keep the faith alive, the whole world will stand behind you.

Thomas Elva Edison once said among the students that I have failed a hundred times. When I was a child, everyone from teachers to scientific friends used to call me Beka. I am wasting time, money and life trying. I refuse to accept them, I assure myself that one day I will surely reach the highest peak. I drop the badge of others and start sending my own conviction to my own brain, the result is in front of you.

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