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Bitcoin - Predict the Price and You Could Win $10 SEREY ! #20


![bitcoin serey.png]( • I would like to invite all who are new to Serey community platform, have basic knowledge about Crypto trading and meet the requirements listed below to participate in this contest. • The purpose of this contest is to help minserey accounts and encourage Community growth on this site.


• Leave a comment with your number predictions for today’s closing prices (prices close at 02:00 UTC), and you will have a chance to win ---$ SEREY. • The comment with the closest prediction will win ---$ SEREY. • Tip: You can check daily closing prices at 2:00 UTC at the following website:


1. This contest is valid for the first 25 comments entries only. 2. ONLY ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON to be eligible. (***Please do not take advantage by using multiple accounts to submit multiple entries. Let other minserey accounts have a fair chance to grow as well.) 3. Edited comments will not be considered valid. If you make a mistake, delete the comment and write a new one. 4. In the event of more than 1 correct prediction entry, the earlier correct prediction entry will win. 5. Comments must be submitted before 18:00 UTC to be eligible. 6. Price predictions must have 4 decimals. Predictions with more or less than 3 decimals will not be counted. See below for examples of number format:
  • 7,166 (*Your number must have 4 decimals)
  • 7,16 (*More than 3 decimals will not be counted)

    • Another post for claiming rewards, rule updates, and general questions about the contest, will be created after the current contest day ends. • I will use the reward ( $ SEREY ) to power up the winner account within the same day as the post mentioned above. • Please read the description before joining the contest
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