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Total Changes Occur in Serey About Curation

Good afternoon in all corners of the world, and also for serey users wherever you are, how are you today, hopefully we will always be healthy and always be able to carry out activities as usual. whatever we do is healthy, if we are fed up with anything that is useless, then keep our health before health is revoked by the almighty, so in the morning I will do it with all of you about ___"Total Changes Occur in Serey About Curation"___ but before I explain it first what is the ___Curation___ ![Hummingbird-flight-close-up-colorful-blurred-background1.jpg]( In general, people playing in this serey want to get upvote from the publishers in the serey, such as: @wondercury @sereycurator @timelocker And other serey users who have high strength, once we get a vote from them we will get a lot of curation, but after I see it and I log in today it's very different, from two days ago to the present, the background is that you are already in the vast ocean of serey because you ride your friend's boat that docked at the serey. Or times you know the serey from an article that you read on the Internet or other Social Media. Of course you are not alone when swimming because I'm sure there are some people you know out there who are first in Steemit. Your friends won't just leave your content without curating them. The amount and value of curation depends on the Steem Power they have. Buy Votes or curations from a number of whale or serey accounts that offer buying vote services for your content in serey. This is a normal and legitimate activity you do. everyone will expect curation from the whale at serey. But in the past two days I have not opened the serey application, it turns out the serey curation has now changed, from very high numbers to very low ![background.jpg]( Only this can I say less, sorry, if in this paper there are some similarities, both in terms of writing, and in terms of photogrphy, or there are my words that are not understood, for that I apologize profusely to All You, because this is my first time joining, therefore I need advice and direction in creating this blog so that there will be improvements for the future. Thank you for visiting my blog, don't forget to follow and choose me to send, and one more don't forget to share this post with other friends. # Greetings to all who are in serey .......
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