I Love Bitcoin...Steem Crypto Challenge Month #5


Hello friends how are you all?Hope you all well i am also well by the grace of almighty ALLAH.

First of all thanks to Satoshi
Nakamoto who is the creator of Bitcoin, he is the owner of the btc.


Once upon a time i was a offline workers i was working in the computer like Ms.Office,Graphic design, video editing,auto cad work e,t,c.I means some offline sectors.

When and how did i find out about Bitcoin?

One day i was watching some tutorials of architecturel design in the youtube then i have seen a video where i can know about BITCOIN.It was three years ago.

Any interesting things that have happened to you to do with Bitcoin.

Nothing happen with me like interesting but i was paying a person for the first time by Bitcoin.


How has Bitcoin changed your life.

Although i have no huge Bitcoin balance but btc is the best coin on cryptocurrency market, we can call it KING OF THE COIN.Now with my few btc balance i just planning my best life to stock btc from some social earnings site like, Steemit, Publishox,tipestry E,T,C.I hope btc change my life and i work on it.

How you invest in Bitcoin and your experience with trading it.

I don't have any investment in btc but I have some experience with trading btc.I just paying some some payment and buy different type of coin by btc,like, Eth,Ltc,Doge e,t,c.

The history of Bitcoin so far, and what the future holds for it

Once upon a time btc was a simple coin only it was so cheep rate but at this moment btc is the best and highest coin and also it's going to rize day by day that's why lot of crypto holder and lot crypto olover hold btc for future life.

Thanks for reading my post
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